Журнал клинической патологии и лабораторной медицины


A new age in pathology practise will be ushered in by informatics for practising anatomical pathologists

Anuvya Prare

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient diagnosis or treatment is the definition of informatics. In an effort to better use and retain the vast amount of information accessible, pathology informatics has developed as a reaction. Digital imaging, tele pathology, Internet and digital information mining are some of the informatics tools that are most frequently employed. Digital imaging is the computer recording of anatomical pathology data in the form of microscopic slides or gross images. The most sophisticated type of digital imaging, with better accessibility and efficiency, is virtual microscopy. Tele pathology is becoming important in the practise of anatomical pathology. Both diagnostic and consultative services can be provided using a variety of tele pathology communications.