Журнал политики и планирования общественного здравоохранения


Application of Industry 4.0 and digital twin in the field of smart healthcare

Madhab Chandra Jena1*, Sarat Kumar Mishra2, Himanshu Sekhar Moharana3

There is an increasing need for preventive health care as well as precise diagnosis and tailored treatment of different diseases in recent years. Providing customized treatment for each patient and maximizing accuracy and efficiency are main goals of a good healthcare system. The digital twin technology along with Industry 4.0 is being implemented in different industries nowadays in many countries. It is showing significant improvements by maximizing efficiency and reducing wastage in the system. It is also being evaluated and being started in the field of healthcare and the medical industry. This technology can offer innovative solutions for precise diagnosis, preventive health care and personalized treatments. Though there are challenges in data collection, data integration and accurate simulation at this stage, it is speculated that the digital twin will have an increasing foot fall and will be a new platform for health management systems and the medical industry. This article proposes a framework and configuration for using digital twin technology along with Industry 4.0 in health care applications. A case study of this technology was also conducted by applying it on a human being and his health condition has been monitored online by use of technology. It is observed that preventive health care is becoming easy and accurate on a real-time basis. It is obvious that in future, the generations to come will see the digital twin for every human being. As soon as a baby is born, its digital twin will be in cyber space and its healthcare will be looked after with the aid of this technology till its death. But the main challenge will be the privacy of people if it is implemented on a large scale.