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Commonness and Impacts of Emphysema in Never-Smokers with Rheumatoid Joint pain Interstitial Lung Sickness

Gary Barnett

This study investigates the prevalence and impacts of emphysema in never-smokers diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis interstitial lung disease (RA-ILD). Emphysema, typically associated with chronic smoking, has been increasingly identified in never-smokers with RA-ILD, an autoimmune disorder that affects the lungs. The co-occurrence of these conditions presents a unique challenge in the management of RA-ILD. Using a combination of patient data analysis and literature review, this study aims to quantify the commonness of emphysema among neversmokers with RA-ILD and assess its impacts on disease progression and patient outcomes. The findings of this study could provide valuable insights for clinicians and researchers, potentially leading to improved diagnostic techniques, treatment strategies, and overall patient management for those suffering from RA-ILD