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Dengue as an emerging infection and co-infections: An update.

Shridhar Pattar, Santhosh SC, Prasan Kumar Panda, Prabhat Rijal

Dengue is a viral infection, transmitted by the Aedes mosquito and affects millions of people worldwide each year. With no specific treatment or vaccine available, prevention and control of the disease rely heavily on public health measures such as vector control and early diagnosis. In recent years, the incidence of dengue has been on the rise, with increasing numbers of severe cases and fatalities reported. This has prompted extensive research efforts to better understand the virus and develop effective strategies for prevention and treatment. In this review article, we provide an update on the current state of knowledge on dengue and their co-infections, including the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies. We also highlight the latest research findings and ongoing efforts to develop new interventions for this significant global health challenge