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Leprosy major disease suffered by people all around the world.

Abreu Lastoria.

Mycobacterium leprae is the chronic infectious illness that causes leprosy. Despite being highly contagious, it has a low morbidity because a sizable section of the populace is naturally resistant to it. Peripheral nerves and the skin are primarily impacted by leprosy. Based on a patient's skin and neurological evaluation, the condition is diagnosed. A prompt diagnosis is crucial. The prompt and effective use of treatment will prevent physical limitations and sequelae that have an influence on the person's social and professional life and are also to blame for the stigma and prejudice surrounding this condition.
Leprosy has been the name for this illness since the time of the Bible, when descriptions of cases date back more than three thousand years. Whether leprosy originated in Asia or Africa is up for debate. The term "leprosy" honours the Norwegian doctor Gerhard Armauer Hansen, who discovered in 1873 that the disease was caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae