Журнал пульмонологии и клинических исследований


Neuro-ophthalmological signs of sarcoidosis and systemic safe reaction to granuloma arrangement in a model of pneumonic sarcoidosis.

Woodmansee Minami*

Sarcoidosis is an incendiary, multisystem, granulomatous infection of obscure etiology, and in spite of the fact that it dominatingly influences the lungs, sarcoidosis frequently has ophthalmologic indications. Notwithstanding the infection's pneumonic and visual signs, other organ frameworks might be impacted also, including the skin, lymph hubs, liver, spleen, heart, focal and fringe sensory systems, outer muscle framework, and salivary organs. Sarcoidosis is analyzed when the exemplary clinical and radiologic discoveries are upheld by histologic proof of boundless noncaseating epithelioid granulomata. Albeit most popular for its thoracic association, the visual, neurologic, and extrapulmonary appearances of sarcoidosis might cause critical intricacies, including visual impairment, meningitis, joint pain, renal illness, foundational grimness, dermatitis, and passing eMedicine Logo.