Исследования и отчеты в области пульмонологии


New Technology in Diagnostic Bronchoscopy and Bronchoscopic Approaches in Lung Cancer Detection and Staging in the Era of Meta-Analyses.

Rita P. Wright

Technologic progresses in bronchoscopy keep on working on our capacity to perform negligibly obtrusive, exact assessments of the tracheobronchial tree and to play out a consistently expanding cluster of symptomatic, remedial, and palliative mediations. The job of both "old" and "new" analytic bronchoscopy will keep on advancing as additional enhancements are made in bronchoscopes, adornment gear, and imaging advancements. The significant test in the reception of the numerous new bronchoscopic methods into routine clinical practice is the requirement for all around planned examinations to portray the proper utilization of these mediations and to all the more likely characterize their restrictions.