Журнал дерматологических исследований и ухода за кожей


Pediatric dermatological conditions during COVID-19.

Phungoen Uppala

A virtual pediatric dermatology student?run facility was started during the COVID?19 pandemic, whenever in?person instructive open doors were restricted. The facility's point is to give high?quality dermatologic consideration to a different, underserved pediatric patient populace while showing learners how to analyse and oversee normal skin conditions. Pediatric patients and their careers are significantly affected by the chronic dermatologic disorders acne, atopic dermatitis (AD), and psoriasis. Children's early self-image and interactions with their family and friends are significantly impacted by the obvious character of these diseases. The management of long-term psychosocial comorbidities in paediatric dermatology patients is currently not well defined, despite the fact that doctors are aware of how important it is to address both the physical and mental symptoms of their patients