Журнал клинической и экспериментальной травматологии


Safety bracelet (limb restrainer): a novel innovative device, for patient care in pre-hospital or hospital stay phase.

Guru Dutta Satyarthee

A limb restrainer is a device physical or mechanical device. It is intended for medical use, which is intended to limit a patient’s movement to the desired extent necessary for medical examination, treatment or safety concern of the patient during treatment inside the hospital or pre-hospital care. Authors report an new device “limb restrainer” whose need was felt for long times, specially for patients immobilization during intensive care treatment and transportation, while patient was kept endotracheal tube, Ryles tube, Foleys catheter central venous pressure line, and even external ventricular drain and drain at surgical sites occasionally, necessitated care of tubes not only difficult but was critical for patient care and continuation of treatment as these tube were always on verge of pulled out with its consequent. It can also be called safety bracelet, which is economical and highly convenient in uses and also providing patients comfort. We have used for two years without skin abrasion or ease of use by nursing staff along with patient satisfaction.