Журнал клинической патологии и лабораторной медицины


The Entirety of the Hematopathologists.

Paul G. Rothberg*

gathering of hematopathologists with differed interests. The entirety of the hematopathologists give an indicative assessment of tissue and liquids for both University of Michigan patients and customers through the MLabs program. The interpretive reports incorporate the reconciliation of tissue morphology and subordinate testing, for example, stream cytometric investigation, atomic analytic testing, and cytogenetic outcomes. Our hematopathologists commonly survey more than 4,900 tissue cases and more than 2,000 liquid and fringe spreads yearly. Numerous individuals from the HP area complete examination exercises in Hematopathology. Spaces of interest incorporate Acute myeloid leukemia’s, Epigenetics of Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Hodgkin, and non- Hodgkin lymphomas.