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Utility of bronchial brush in diagnosis of carcinoma lung as compared with bronchoscopicbiopsy and BAL in a tertiary care rural medical college and hospital.

Aditi Gupta

 Bronchogenic carcinoma is among the leading causes of death across the world. Early diagnosis at a lower stage definately decreases mortality. This study was conducted to demonstrate the utility of bronchial brush in diagnosing bronchogenic ca. Material and methods: 30 patients of suspected bronchogenic carcinoma underwent fiberoptic videobronchoscopy over 1 year time(Dec 2018 to Dec 2019). BAL, biopsy and brush were planned in all. Brush was taken in all but biopsy was done only if endobronchial lesion was visible. Minimum of 2 wet fixed and 2 dry slides were prepared and sent to pathologist for further evaluation.15 were positive for malignancy in brush, 12 in biopsy and 1 in BAL. Endobronchial lesions were observed in 13 patients. Alternate diagnosis was established in 5 cases. Bronchial brush gives faster and comparable results to biopsy although biopsy remains the gold standard.